Barockcello and Voice


“Sollima has found in Marina Bartoli Compostella an ideal partner who can, by using surprising acrobatic vocalisms, perform musicals and melodramas, folk songs as well as the twentieth century repertoire, achieving peaks of rare beauty and intense vocal combinations. She is enhanced in her performance by the orchestra-like instrument that is “Sollima’s Cello”, in the hands of Sollima himself, and with this combination, the audience will inevitably enjoy a spectacular fireworks display…”
G.Santangelo – Amadeus


Musics by: Björk, A.L.Webber, Verdelot, J.Dowland, C.Monteverdi, Nirvana,  B.Strozzi, D.Shostakovich, Slayer…


Marina Bartoli Compostella: soprano  /  Giovanni Sollima: cello




Vintage reloaded


Exquisite songs of the past,  revitalized by fresh new touches of colouring: from arias of the Belle Epoque salons, to popular songs that space between the two World Wars (works by Tosti, Leoncavallo, Puccini, Bixio, D’Anzi…)


Marina Bartoli Compostella: voice

Alberto Becucci: accordion



Guerra di baci

Guerra di baci (Love in the 16th and 17th Century) originated from conversations Marina and Michael (“Amoroso Foco” Ensemble) had during a concert tour together in Istanbul, Turkey in 2009. The common goal of finding lesser known works from this unusual era in music and the desire to highlight the strong relation between words and music were what sparked their connection. Since beginning their collaboration, their differing personal styles have helped keep the ideas behind the ensemble fresh and created a constant search for a richer understanding of this important repertoire.


Marina Bartoli Compostella: voice, percussion

Michael Leopold: theorbo, lute, baroque guitar



Love and madness


The Baroque aesthetic always placed emphasis on the power of the emotions and the states of the soul. It exaggerated every detail to produce drama, tension, exuberance and to show how love and madness are strongly connected!

In this exceptionally well-crafted program, the audience will be carried into a world of passion and folly in the baroque period, both Italian and that of other countries.


Marina Bartoli Compostella: soprano

Alessandro Palmeri: cello

Claudio Astronio: organ and harpsichord




Duo Bartoli Compostella


Marina and Nicolò Bartoli Compostella, brother and sister, soprano and baritone, began to sing together as children, moving comfortably between the levity of Musicals to the rigor of Classical music. Continuing their academic studies, Nicolò at the “G.Verdi” Music Conservatory in Milan, and Marina at the “C.Pollini” Conservatory in Padova, the siblings soon teamed up again as a Duo in spite of having very different repertoire, Marina having specialized in Baroque and Nicolò in Belcanto opera, their meeting point being Classicism.

Marina Bartoli Compostella: soprano

Nicolò Bartoli Compostella: baritone



Technical details

  • 3 elements (Soprano + Baritone + Piano)
  • Concert program length: 1 hour (approximately)

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Haendel & Vivaldi


A refined selection of Cantatas and Sonatas, taken from the vast repertoire of secular  music by Haendel and Vivaldi.


Marina Bartoli Compostella: soprano

Philippe Couvert: baroque violin

Jean Christophe Leclère: harpsichord




Alle mie tante lagrime


A musical journey through the Arietta italiana da camera of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries (Works by M.Giuliani, N.Paganini, D.Cimarosa…)


Marina Bartoli Compostella: soprano

Rosario Conte: romantic guitar